Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peddling is a good way to work off that Lasagna flab,,,

Really, I got nutin new. Scurvy is just bout all recovered, he may get his life back tomorrow.
We have had a full house here for weeks and there is no end in sight. I guess that’s good, she keeps telling me it is.

I have not been to the Lounge all week, maybe Thursday when the Missus goes off to poker.

I have a shout out to the proprietors of this new business in town. I am in desperate need of a photo project and would love to showcase their product with a certain pretty girl we all know.

(tapping fingers, waiting patiently)

And while Mrs. Barn is off bowling, I made up a kick-ass Lasagna! After a belly full of beers this is gonna be great!

Wanted to share this Sarah joke,, I miss her already.

Her: What is that thing?
Me: It's a remote control over-write! It's on sale at The Real Man shop.
Her: Well while you were there, why don't you pick up a real man!
Me: Don't push it. It also controls many of your other hand-held electronic devices.


Anonymous said...

Bottomless biking...what a good idea!

sandy a. said...

that photo would be funnier if it were "The Duggars" from Arkansas (reality TV family with 19 children)
HOwever, it is pretty funny!!I might Share! (thnx in advance!)