Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'll take the turf, you can have the surf thankyou.

Still busy round these parts. Between the business, caring for the dog, and having fun, not much time for anything else.
I even have some credit at a local eatery and have not had the op to use it yet!
But don’t fret none, as you can see from the Beef Tenderloin cookin up on the grill, we still eat pretty good!

And tonight on " Grills Gone Wild" the rest of that tenderloin lands on the grill next to a big ‘ol slab of fish.

I mentioned how we have been getting some great sunrises lately. I got up a few days ago, stumbled into a pair of shorts, grabbed the camera and raced out the door. (you really have to time it just right so you don’t miss the juicy shots and you don’t get eaten by the bugs!)
I knew I was late and the light was changing faster than my walking expertise after 25 wobbly pops!
So while blinking and trying to rub all the snark from my eyes, I grabbed this quick shot before blindly stumbling to the beach.

And yes,, from this photo you can tell the evenings are still a bit chilly.

Bar patron: What will you tell Mrs. Barn?
Me: Same thing I always tell her:
[Checks to make sure Mrs. Barn is not around]
Me: That what I do is none of her damn business.


Harley said...

Stop having so much fun Barn... Your making me drink even more so i can pass out and dream of the Beach Life... That wouldn't be so bad but I was atop my date *)

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Once upon a time, I happened to be out drinking at a local bar in South Carolina. So happened the cops were watching me. As I got into my MR2, I was cornered in every direction by police cars. I had my car door locked and they wanted me to open it. I said I was not going to open the door for them since I had not done anything wrong. They backed off and I stayed inside that car for about 3 hours.

Then when I got out and went to the phone to call a friend which was about 1:00 A.M., a police cruiser approached me at the telephone booth.

The officer came over to me and asked me what I was doing at this time of the morning. Dah, like what do people do at a telephone booth? Unfortunately I did not say that and answered "Well officer to be honest. it is none of your FUCKING business what I am doing here." That was the wrong answer and he immediately handcuffed me and took over to the town lockup for the night. Charged me with public drunkeness. Never even bothered to give me a breathalyzer test. Betcha I could have gotten off with a good lawyer, but I looked back and just was thankful I did not get charged with driving under the influence.