Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Show me your's and I'll show you mine,,,

Sometimes things can get a bit, shall we say,, weird round here. The conversations that transpire while slurping beers on the DoubleWide sometimes spiral towards the depth of WTF at an alarming speed.
Take last night for instance,,,

Me: “Every think about having a 3-way?”
Her: No! not only no but HELL NO!
Her: Do you?
Me: I just was a second ago, but my third person was a ‘mini-you’.
Her: Mini-me?
Me: Mini-you.
Her: Hmmm,, me, you, mini-me and a mini-you, that could work.
Me: And later on we could add even more mini-you’s and maybe a platoon of mini-me’s?
Her: Ok, I’m starting to get a bit creeped out.
Me: Me, you and a pack of midgits! Whoo fuckin hooo! When can we start?

If I remember right, this was the point where she shot me the look and changed the subject.

Here is a shot of her flashing the cows?

And this is the only way we know we are back in da Breach.

The Maya Beach Hotel Bistro opened for the season. Here are a couple items from their menu.

Following the Caper Trail v.
Determining where you drank last night by examining the matchbooks and credit card receipts; also known as pocket forensics.


Anonymous said...

Who has matchbooks? Those went away about 40 years ago....

sue w said...

Most folks do not share these conversations with their best friends, let alone the entire ethernet! Just saying.

sandy a. said...

cows have got humans beat in the teat department!

LaurieMar said...

Forget the cows, the food looks scrumptious...will have to check it out next week when in Placencia!

Harley said...

Hey Barn, WTF. Did you have the camera lens on Backwards or Something ??? I thought the idea of a "Flash Shot" was to be on the other side of your subject. I assume those aren't the "Mini Hers" You were referring to.....