Friday, November 12, 2010

New and improved Hungry Gecko,,, OH HELL YEA!!!

OK,, just so we know,, I’m drunk right now. Let’s get that straight right off.
Every Friday Mrs. Barn goes off to play poker with all them old hydes, and leaves me her to fend fer myself. Well fuck that.
Ton ight was the grand opening of the NEW AND IMPROVED Hungry Gecko Bart and Restaurant.

So,, I was in attendance.
What’s new tyou migh ask,, well for one the kitchen and shit is all in the same building, fucking shit is right wher e it should be,.
The beer was way cold, they never ran out, nope they had beer!
And get this,, 2.75$ per beer,,, kiss my ass…. Beat that!
Music is good, bartenders are great,, WTF else do you need?
We already know the food is great and cheap.
So to sum up my thoughts on the NEW AND IMPROVED HUNGRY GECKCO,,
Fuckin go,, you will not be disappointed nor broke!
That’s all I got to say about that.

I’ll tell ya what’s next,, food photos! Gecko style!

Here's your Hottie of the day,,, 'Lenny"


sandy a. said...

sounds good to me!

ChrisandBrenda said...

Thanks for the review Bill, Ms. Brenda and I will see you and everyone else there when we hit town in December, since Mango's may no longer be an option....Looking forward to spending Christmas outside the U.S. for the first time ever....