Sunday, July 18, 2010

Never introduce her as 'my next ex wife'.

First let me say thanks to all the comments and encouragement you folks have given.
It is much appreciated!
Mom and Dad are both in a re-hab facility getting help with recovery and hope to be turned loose in a week or so. So it’s looking a bit better right now.

And for some pleasant news we turn to the 2 villages of Sant Cruz and Riversdale.
Some of you know Alberto and Dezi from R.D.
Alberto has been a dive master for along time,, till he got the bends once. Now he quit diving but still works in the diving side of tourism.
He and Dezi have been together for 9 years and decided to get married this weekend?
Took place in S.C which is a brand new village that has sprang up at the junction over the last 3 years.
Typical Belizean style, the invite said “2:30”.
Wedding didn’t start till 4:00!
And during that time it was hot! How hot? Come on, say it with me,, “HOTTER THAN THE DEVIL’S TAINT.” And did I mention sand flys?
The bride finally shows up and as I had staked out the best vantage point for photos, I was now mobbed and basically shoved to the back. This was not the mild-mannered Maya wedding I last attended. No,, these were the pushing/shoving butt in front of you type of wedding guests.
Primo vantage point vanished in the mob.
Fine, they ain’t gonna say nutin I want to hear anyway, so we pile back into the Barn Mobile and head for the reception site, Riversdale.
But,, along the way we got a first class tour of the BAL shrimp farm.
(that story and photos will follow)

We hung out for awhile at the reception and then headed home to let the top notch, highly trained security system take a pee break.
So congrats to Alberto and Dezi. Why you did it I don’t know,,,,,,,,,
But it was a fine day for a wedding.

They [women] need us [men] just as much as we need them. Why? Because we can do the job and you can't take a battery home to meet your mother.


sandy a. said...

great wedding pics! What a lovely couple--the bride is especially pretty in her gown.
Looking forward to some more pics!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the wedding. Thanks for the picture's and comments.

Harley said...

Best Wishes for Both Your Parents Health and Recovery Barn. Getting Old is Not for Pussies.