Thursday, July 1, 2010

More fires?

What’s new you ask? Well let me tell you, it has been an eventful few days here in Da Breach.
Lets start back a few nights.
0130 the phone rings. FIRE FIRE FIRE,, the local furniture store is on fire. Hummingbird rattan down by Elvis North.

We get up, dressed and stumble down there. The Placencia Volunteer Fire dept was already there along with a bunch of ‘Breachers. Not a whole lot anyone could do as the cement building was burning inside and with no breathing apparatus’s, no one could get inside. Turns out the walls and ceiling were Styrofoam. No wonder it stunk so bad and burned your eyes and shit.
So,, we left after awhile. I did take a short turn on the hose but not much could be done.
The next day we see they have all the furniture out and loading it up.
Maybe there will be a fire sale with some smoking deals?
That’s about the only way we could ever afford that stuff anyway.

Then,,, today as we had a check-in and a check-out all before noon, we were bustin ass to get it all handled.
Scurvy comes running up the stairs into the house acting weird. He gets in the truck as I take the guests to the airstrip. About Cocoplum he is acting REAL weird. I look and see his face is all kinds of swollen and puffed up. His eyes were all but swollen shut! He’s itchin his face on everything including the guests who were a bit freaked about it. Snoop Puffy Dogg.
I get him home and he is crying and shit and still itchin. The guests said they saw him ‘fighting’ with a wasp ‘the size of a dragonfly’. All I can think is he was stung by it either before he ate it or as it flew away. I dunno.
I gave him an antihistamine and he is all back to normal. Most likely didn’t learn a damn thing either.

Last night was the grand opening of BareFoot Bar! (they dropped the ‘beach’ part)
We wanted to go but had these commitments with guests you unnerstan.
Our day to visit will be Tuesday.

Heres your hot bitch for the day.

And yes, she gives Scurvy wood!

You know what 'SOBER' stands for ? It stands for 'Son Of a Bitch, Everything's Real!


Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

When we were in Belize in April there was another fire in Placencia.

Coincidence or pyro?

Anonymous said...


Finally found what I was looking for regarding the fire in Placencia on April 18. A building next to a bar (Sunrise?), Picture at:

I saw smoke on the northern horizon from where we were near Monkey River.

Don't know if all these fires are linked, but one previous commenter suggested hanging the zippo perp by their thumbs. I'm thinking lower.