Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can see it's gonna be a long summer,,,,,

Well lets see. When we last were here we had a tropical storm brewing just off the coast.

Turned out to become TS Alex. It missed us for the most part and went north. We got about 24 hours of steady rain which actulay helped us out by rinsing shit off and filling the tanks.
But, it still was raining for Saturdays Lobsterfest kickoff.
We stayed home that day and just watched it rain. Oh, and drank beer.
But we ventured out Sunday for about an hour or so. Had prior commitments at the airstrip you unnerstan.
It looked to be the usual fest activity. Saw some good folks, a few we didn’t care to see, and had an overall good time.

Picked up the new guests and made it back home safe and sound.
The earlier guests bailed out on Friday as they were driving and didn’t want to chance the Kendal bridge being out. Turns out they missed the best weather of their stay!

And as I was taking Scurvy out to check his pee-mail accounts, (he has a bunch he keeps up on), I don’t think I have ever had a better view of the mountains of Honduras as I did this morning!

As I stood there exposing this photo, I felt just like Sarah Palin.
My foreign policy experience just skyrocketed as I can see Honduras from my house!!
And when President Manuel Zelaya rears his head, into Belizean airspace, where do ya think he goes? It’s Maya Beach you betcha.

And for the hotties,, us guys,,we'll use Cassie and you girls can argue over Mark and Gram.

As a kid, whenever I got sick my Dad would say: 'Don't worry, son. There's nothing so bad that it can't be fixed with a bottle of cheap Scotch and a couple of hookers'. Or was that the old crusty guy who hung around the schoolyard ? No matter — either way, it's terrific advice.

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