Monday, May 10, 2010

Random shit to start the week with,,

Good morning.
Just some random shit to start the week with.
I am even more excited now as my ‘fishing gear’ has arrived in Texas. Just a coupla more weeks!

And the dive shops have been seeing sea turtles on about each dive. That means they are courtin&sparkin, pitchin whoo, getting ready to do the turtle dance.
We were fortunate enough to see a batch of babies born on our beach a few years back.

About 50 of them squirmin all over the place. We had to help some misplaced units find the sea as they were heading for the porch lights instead.
Then last year we saw a mother dig her hole and dump her load right at the foot of a neighbors stairs. We missed that hatching tho.

Then just this weekend, the crew at the M.B. Hotel got this shot of the very rare Mahoganyback turtle laying her eggs.

Rare indeed.

If anyone comes across one of these, please grab it for me. It would fit in well with a certain photo opp I have rollin round the brain compartment. Hint: involves a cage match.

And since it’s still purty damn hot, let’s continue with the wet t-shirt theme, shall we?

Beer is the cause and solution to all of life's problems

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