Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The world won't end in 2012. Marty McFly has been to 2015.

Oh dear, I seem to have made a boo-boo.
Property taxes have not gone up, that was a rumor gone wild for a few days. Pretend you never heard it, or get drunk and forget. If it was me, I’d go for option #2.

Had a reader from Alberta stop by and drop a couple beers in my lap. A shout out to Brian up there in the freekin cold! Thanks for the beers and the visit. Maybe it can be longer next time.

I can see the end of my lens quest is near. I am so close I may actually put it in my ‘shopping cart’ real soon. It takes a long time to nickel and dime your way to a fisheye!

While me and my camera have been kinda ldle the past few days, I have perused the intronet and found some interesting shots. If you’re a leg fan, and who ain’t, then you may like this.

And the opposite of fine legs would have to be chicken legs. Agree?

I hope theres an afterlife so I can waste it too.


Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,


Seems we have a correction about our illustrious statesman from Maya Beach, Gary Geier.

I spoke to him last night at the local watering hole and he was not invited for the preliminary nomination meeting. So, he won't be on the ballot this election.

Better luck next time. Maybe we won't have to worry since they say 21 December, 2012 is the end. Hell, I ain't taking any chances. Be drinking like there ain't no tomorrow until the end arrives.

Incredulous said...

Barnacle Bill,
Love, love your blog. Have read all posts going back to the pirate hijacking. Those pirates did a number on it because I can't read any posts that came before the hijinx! Husband and I are coming to BZE to see if we would like to land there permanently. Plan to rent a car and drive the country to check it. We are a couple dinks from MT with an aching to be elsewhere. Any suggestions on places to stay, routes, etc.? Too bad Barnacle's requires an extended stay or we would be thrilled to stay w/you. Hopefully can stay a couple nights on the peninsula so we could stop by to visit you. Thinking of driving south on coast, then inland on return to Belize City. Thanks for any input you and yours may have.