Monday, April 26, 2010

How much ya want fer that old toothbrush and that left shoe? UPDATED.

Another weekend come and gone. This time the power only blinked out a few times and never for more than a few minutes. I’m surprised as it has been very hot. How hot? Hotter than the Devil’s taint hot!
And for those of you who are unsure just how hot that is, trust me, it’s fuckin hot.

Another Phlea Market yesterday.

Good crowd and we did OK selling shit again.
One new vender was from Dangriga. I was surprised not to see more of the Mental Breach Bachelor club in attendance as this guy is also their dealer. The local supplier for that popular drug Viagra. The club members must be all set up as I didn’t see any of them lurking round his tent.

And speaking of that club, I just finished reading a book called “The tourist too dangerous for Belize”.
If you don’t know, this is written by that total idiot ‘developer’, and I use the term ‘developer’ very loosely, who was deported from the country for threatening to blow up Siene Bight,, AND had c-4 plastic explosives to do it! I think I blogged about it, ‘Developers gone wild’.
What does him and the Bachelor club have in common? Nothing really, but he mentions one club member, BY NAME throughout the book. He goes on and on about everybody who screwed him during his short stay in Belize, mentioning name after name. some have been thinly disguised and are easily figured out, but most at real names.
What an asshole this guy was and I am very glad I never met him. But too funny that I know everyone else in the book.

Well, what better way to suffer through this heat than with some cold beers and a WET T-SHIRT show?

Oops, that one got cropped at a weird point.

But you ladies luck out! Or do you?

You have the opportunity to respond to whatever happens in your world. You're probably going to choose badly though. I suggest adding booze to the equation because then you have an excuse for whatever dumbass thing you’re probably going to do anyway.


Anonymous said...


Brother Bill,

You Tink the Jehovah Witness be a pain in the ass knocking on your door.

Just want to let you know May 12, 2010 is census day. Well on May 13 or thereafter for 4 weeks,
Gary Geier be knocking on your door to take the census.

Guess what? Yours truly be the field supervisor and Gary's boss.
If that ain't a hoot.

Anonymous said...

AS for your quote?

Ya that was a good book. I met him once. We talked for about 3 minutes and I already had the contract for allllllll the a/c work on the condo's. I walked away and just shook my head. lololol.

Gotta love BURN OUT'S.
what is "conatio"