Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taste like chicken,,, good with rice.

Finally, a successful hunting trip. We have been to Red Bank 3 times looking for the elusive Scarlet Macaws. The first time we were nowhere near where we should have been and ended up playing in a river somewhere?
The next time, Basilio was determined to find them and we hiked what must have been 200 miles thru the jungle, no food, no water, jaguars following us, snakes on every tree, 2lb tarantulas, forged a chest-hi raging river, confronted a band of headhunters, and never saw one stinkin bird! And by the time we got back to civilization for beers, it must have been noon at least! Fuck, I could have died!
This time was much better.
A short hike would be all we needed to see about 60 of these things.
One, for some unknown reason, one landed right above us and sat there long enough for me to squeeze off a couple shots.

Basilio sent his father up ahead to scout a second spot but it turned out they were all right here anyway.
Two Maya ‘Indians’ scouting birds and using cell phones to communicate? Belize is full of contradictions.

So I was home by noon with this project crossed off the list. We may go back cause Mrs. Barn didn’t get to go this trip and I’m told the birds will only be around for 2 more weeks.


Denise said...

Wow!!! I want to see them the next time we visit. So glad you finally found them. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

sandy a said...

So awesome--you are so lucky!!

Thor said...

That second trip you described sounded a lot like the trip we were on! I'm glad you were finally able to see those birds and get some pictures, I was really starting to wonder about Basilio.

Julian in SC said...

Those pics sure look like the three tries were actually worth it. Neat...