Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drunk driving 101,,,

Our new road is not without some drawbacks. This particular incident was not the roads fault, completely.
Seems some guy was way too drunk which no doubt played a huge part in his inability to negotiate this slight curve and WHAM, right into the power pole!

Who was Capt. Onboard this vessel? I’m guessing Captain Morgan!
Snapped the pole off as you can see, and the power lines were laying across the road up to the point I arrived with the trusty Nikon.
The drunks walked away. The truck will no doubt stay there for awhile.

And in a side note: In the past this little mishap would have fallen into my lap to get remedied. No power to three house’s, two of which are rentals.
But not no more,, someone else’s headache now! I’ll just shoot a few photos and snicker.

How bout a food review?
In a hurry? Don’t need much.
These two items seem to go together perfectly.
Cock soup and Sperm Spirm.

OK, but you have to admit it will make you do a double take as you peruse the isles!


Harley said...

Sir William. Yes, Yes. I've had a night or two like these Photo's show Myself. Eleven more months of Probation and I'm Free and Clear of the memories. . . Very Clean Shots. No pun intended. What type of Camera do You Use? As for the Meal. I'm on a Strict Diet of "Pork Chop in a Bottle". Doctors Orders. . .

RPM said...

I'l pass on the brunch...

sandy a said...

where da F? did that happen?

David A said...

Same thing happens a couple of times a year in PG at the one lane b ridge going into town. Drunks miss the bridge completely and end up in the river. NO one died yet!