Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thar she blows,,,,,!

Uh oooooh. Looks like there’s a storm a brewin. Tropical storm Ida is off the coast of Nicaragua building in strength. They have projected the path over the next 5 days to cross over land popping back out near the bay islands and move north.

If it follows this path, Cancun is in its sites. But no matter what we should get an entire ass-load of rain. (For the fisting fans out there, that’s an ass load of RAIN, nothing else.)
What the fuck,, I thought we were done with the season? Can’t we get some better control over this shit?
Best lay in some spare crates of beer, could be a long weekend.

Whoops! Almost forgot the nudity! Well, close to nudity anyway.


Things that make guys and the occasional chick do whatever the bearer of them wishes. They can bring great power and pleasure to whoever owns them, depending on how good they look.
Boobs, Hooters, Honkers, Magumbos, Mounds, Melons, Breasts, Funbags, Tits, Waterbags, Happy sacs, sweater cows, rack, chest.
"That chick has a nice rack"
"From the look of your sweater cows your doing fine"
"I didnt realize this was a party til I saw your funbags"
" Hooters a restaurant based on Hooters"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

If you need any assistance taking all them their nudy shots, I am available.

I have mucho experience with titties, specializing in Spanish
hooters. We just got back from a road trip to Belize City stopping by Raul's Rose Garden. Seems I happened to find a gal with really huge boobs so I had to investigate the entire night to be sure about them. Don't know much about taking pictures, but more than happy to help prep the models.