Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look at the drumsticks on that sumbitch!

OK, stand down. Looks like that bitch Ida is just gonna spit a little rain around. Like we need that.
We still have a pond in our yard that’s ankle deep to a medium size dog.

There are some fundraisers going on this weekend to further help Sonny. Hope it stays dry enough for them. One is at Yoli’s bar. If our money holds out we intend to be there. Sounds like some Kodak moments to me!
Also a bake sale and the humane society is having a yard sale. Doesn’t sound too exciting but I need photo opps where ever they arise.

The Breach is still quiet. But what the hell would I know, I never go anywhere anymore.
I did hear there was a little misunderstanding at the construction site up north. Seems an employee got a bit peeved at his boss. Slit his throat and tossed him off the 5th floor! Or something close to that anyway. Probably something to do with the company xmas party, or the doughnut thief who keeps raiding the break room fridge.
I grabbed the last doughnut once. Pissed off a co-worker who said “that’s mine” and he spit on it.
I hawked up a lunger and spit it on the doughnut too and said “you can have it”. A plumber grabbed it and said “cool”!
Plumbers,, I tell ya. I worked in the boiler trade with pipefitters and for 20 some years I shared a shop with a plumbing dept. When you sign up for the union you need to decide which direction you will go, plumbing or pipefitting. To help you decide this they would drop you into a vat of sewage up to your neck. As you stand there, gagging, the biggest union member would take a swing at your head with a baseball bat. If you ducked, you went plumber.
Oh great, now I've pissed off all the plumbers. Luckily I have vast experience dealing with pissed off plumbers. And no, not in that way!
But that’s neither here nor there.

Heard a bunch of splashing and shit today. Stepped out on the deck to see WTF and saw this Common Black Hawk taking a bath in our pond. It flew up to a branch where there was a second hawk! Big-ass birds! As big as Scurvy, but with wings!

Anyway, Mrs. Barn is off playing poker with the tramps ladies of the Breach. Breach Bitches?
She has fun with them. From what I hear, they don’t do a whole lot of poker playin, but a lot of yakkin! And boozing. Good for them!

And to keep with a somewhat theme, being pretty girls of some sort, here are some local hotties! Love those eyes!

No ammo for the stalker this time.

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