Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random bullshit from recent days,,,

Best to get that last post off the top of the page. My inbox can only handle so much hate mail!
Generated some great comments tho!
We went to a gathering Thursday here in The Breach. There were about 40 or so people there with tons of chow. A good time was had by all, I think.
I, as usual, was swillin beer and did not drag out the camera for long. Here are the only shots I got.

This is the only known photo of the elusive TreeTop! AKA SpeedBump.

Mrs. Barn on the other hand spent lots of time clickin shutters. Here is a few of her’s and once she finishes dinking with them I will post more.

After a tough day being a bad-ass K-9 security dog, Scurvy has some down time.

P.S. No Doran, I did not purposely lump you in with the dogs! Just a coininky-dinky.


Anonymous said...

Ya Right.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

When I die and go to hell, I wanna come back like one of those dogs.

Seems they have it pretty good here in Belize, as long as the owner is a gringo. Seen some sorry ass belizean mutts.