Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tar, pepporoni, tacos and bats,,,

Heres some road updates.
I don’t know why, but it looks like they have stalled out right near Green Parrot? No progress has been made there in awhile. And the speedbump crew must be vacationing in the south of France? No new bumps from Augustineville north. Although, the crew doing the 1 ft wide cement strip along the sides from S.B. north may actually be the speedbump crew? So we now have about 2-3 miles of super hiway with absolutely nothing to slow people down. And boy are they taking advantage of it!
On the plus side, our house doesn’t shake every time something big goes by! We don’t feel a thing no more. Now the only problem is the occasional asshole that uses his ‘jake brake’ for 100 yards at a time.
These guys are funny,, accelerate, shift, air horn, accelerate, jake brake, accelerate, air horn, jake brake, accelerate, shift, jake brake, air horn. All on a completely flat road? They just love to hear it and watch everyone’s expression. Especially when they go by the shop where girls may be drinking beer. ‘BBBRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP’.
The guys left here a few days ago and said they would be back in a month or 2 for the ‘second seal’.
But check out my driveway/parking area! Whooo hooo! They even did under the truck!

Mauga season is now in full swing! You can get an idea by the amount of food in our freezer.

That is a tiny bag of pepperoni in the corner. But if you live in Belize you will learn to set a fine line between stocking up and loosing it all during a power outage. As soon as we load up and feel all comfy and shit, BLINK. Power goes out and you never know for how long. If it’s near dusk, you best get the candles and flash light ready. Then start feeling like an idiot cuz you just spent all that money on food that is beginning to thaw. And now you have to scramble round to find ice for the beers. Fuck!

OK,, if you like the link to ‘Hot chicks picking up dogshit’, check out ‘Hot chicks eating tacos’!
Your welcome.

And check out some other bat photos. I am doing just about as well but not using near the gadgets!
(thanks Collette)

The whole terrorism deal became very clear to me when I found out Muslims aren’t allowed to drink.


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Okay Barn... how come the power went out this morning? was it just a co-inky-dink or did you plan it?
Also, do you even bother resetting the clock on your microwave anymore, because we don't?

Barnacle said...

we quit digital clocks in '98!