Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Barkeep,, beer me,,,

Still way slow round these parts. Best settle in for more slow times as well.
The road crew has paved up to Mickey’s old place and the road is prepped to the MB hotel.
It’s so nice now. The condo projects south of us are D.I.W. (‘dead in the water’ for you land lubbers), seems no one is buying? So, the dump truck traffic is next to nothing. With the road crew north of us we are enjoying some of the quietest traffic days ever! When a big truck does go by it’s pretty quiet as it is, till he gets the urge to play with his Jake Brake anyway.
And a noticeable decrease in dust! Way cool!

Mrs. Barn has some issues with the new fridge, who we shall refer to as ‘Adair’.
Did I mention it was a short, squatty bastard?

Well, Mrs. Barn seems to think it’s best selling point would be it’s ‘wheelchair accessibility’! You do have to bend over a bit to get in there, and to reach something in the back of the bottom shelf almost requires being on your knees and crawl halfway in! But as I like to point out, all fridges have a bottom shelf, right?
I like it just fine. Everything is cold, life is good!
Throw some steaks on the barbie,,,, what's not to love?

I'm still giddy with the thought that possibly, just possibly,
I might have sat on the same toilet seat as Chuck Norris .


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Sounds like the fridge is my size Barn....

Julian in SC said...

What a final quote. And just where was this supposed to have happened??