Monday, August 3, 2009


I guess this is what happens when you never leave the property for days. I have nothing to write about. The restaurant review is overdue, my trip to Mango’s is long overdue. And so I got nothing.

I leave you with a few random shots from the past,,,

My neighbor: “So I guess you’re not going to the neighborhood watch program again tonight?”
Me: ”When is it?”
Neighbor: ”At 8:00. Are you coming this time?”
Me: ”No. I just wanted to know the best time to rob all your houses.”
Neighbor: ”…?”
Me: ”Not yours though.”
Neighbor: “Thanks?”
Me: ”Dude. I’m just kidding.”
Neighbor: *nervous laughter* ”Well I thought so but it’s kind of hard to tell with you sometimes.”
Me: ”I meant I’m just kidding about not robbing your house.”
Neighbor: ?
Me: ”That was a joke too.”
Neighbor: ”I have to go now.”
Me: ”Cool. Leave your door unlocked if you don’t want me to break a window.”
Neighbor: ”What?”
Me: *sigh* ”Nothing“.

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Tani said...

sunset! gorgeous!