Friday, May 8, 2009

Do you suppose Anderson Cooper has to deal with shit like this? Or Geraldo?

I like to live on the edge. If you’re not on the edge, then you’re takin up space, right?
But maybe this was a bit much.
I went over the edge. I found the limits and I pushed them.
Last night I made us some hamburgers. But, I usually mix my ground steak 1/2-1/2 with ground pork.
So now we are battling mad cow disease AND swine flu! From the same burger.
Fuck it,, them some good burgers!

Had an appointment over in Mango Creek today. Decided to drive and see the sights.
The only thing interesting was all the surreptitious goings on at a certain huge resort up north. When they take great pains to hide everything from view, what do they expect folks to assume?

Road crews were up that way also, working on the bridges and culverts. Also moving a curve,, into what looks like another curve?
I am told they have bout finished downtown Seine Bight. Might get down there tomorrow to see.
I heard a good comment yesterday concerning the road paving.
"I don't go out anymore. I can't keep up with the speeds!"

Anyway, get over to M.C. only to find out our appointment was cancelled.
Thanks for phoning us you bastards!

Went to Mango’s a couple nights ago. Guess what? The same people were sitting in the same stools talking bout the same shit as the last time I was in there?!?
I did learn where the bootleg Viagra is being sold. (file that in the ‘book-of-shit-I-may-need-in-the-future’).
But as with most everything else I hear, it comes with a “Barnacle, Don’t put this in the blog” clause attached.
You can sit in a bar and tell the story all night long, but I can’t repeat it? OK,,,
Aren’t court appearances public as well? Anyone can go watch if they want. Newspapers print about them. But I can’t repeat what is told to me in a bar? It’s most likely all out peninsula wide already anyway. Since I don’t frequent the bar, I’m always the last to hear.
“Don’t put this in the blog tho”.

Meanwhile, while all this was taking place, the women were at a house doing their thing. Sounds like the usual amount of fun was had. Good for them!

Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead.
Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow.
Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow.
In fact, just fuck off and leave me alone.


rabbitmoon said...

Are you sure it wasn't Colonblow??????

sandy a said...

I say "Put it in the blog!!" Juicy gossip knows no boundaries....teehee....

Anonymous said...

I'm a former pit snipe from the USS Hoel. You look like the twin brother of a guy I served with. His last name was Clapper. I guess it aint you though. What are the odds.

Julian Foster said...

Hi Barn,

Been reading you for a while and enjoy your comments on life, beach and Belize. I went through Basic at SD also, went to C Schools on Treasure Island but then volunteered for Submarines and that was that for the surface.

Anyhow, great memmories and it was a pretty good way to grow up, eh what!

Julian (Upstate SC)