Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bars, beer, zip-lines, crashes, bats, rats, snakes, politicians, and tits,,

Made our run to Placencia yesterday. Went to the Pickled Parrot for beers later. Wanted to see what progress has been made in the restoration project.
There were at one time big plans with 2 story concrete stuff but the usual reasons why it ain’t moving forward popped up.
Personally, if it were me, I’d leave it as it is. Right now it is nice and air-ey, cool, lite, (the white ceiling really took the dingyness away.) and comfortable. I say save your money and use what you have. But that’s just me.
Watched some kids make a zip-line from tree-to-tree using someone’s garden hose. Fairly entertaining.
Then we heard about the first car crash on the new pavement.
In-between laura beyu and Fiona’s old house is an ‘S’ curve. It was no problem when it was rock and mud. But now it is pretty easy to enter the ‘S’ at too high a speed. Factor in a belly full of beers and you have a small truck bouncing off a power pole and landing in the bush.
No one was killed or hurt but the truck took a pounding! There will be others you watch.
I have a ‘year-in-review of photos of the road progress to slap up here real soon in case you all missed something.

Got to listen to folks bitch about the V.C. chairman again. If anything we hear is true, he is a real piece of work. But, maybe they all would bitch no matter who it was? Doubt it tho.

We ran outa banana’s and I needed some for the evenings bat-fest, so I goes over to the market to see if they had any.

Me: Hi Santos, do you have any bananas?
Santos: Hola Mr. Bill, sí. ¿puedo traerlos a su casa?
Me: uh, OK.
Santos: le los traeré pronto.

I went on back home and Mrs. Barn sez, “so, where’s the ‘naners?”
“I’m not real sure but i think he is going to deliver them?” (I’m picking up some Spanish this way)

A few minutes later, here comes Santos with this stalk on a 2-wheeler.
So I hung ‘em up to ripen.

We had another rat in a cage waiting to be delivered to Carl for his snakes, but after I told the rat he was future snake poop, he died. Bummer, he was a cute little guy.

In case anyone is curious, the new car stereo works like scalded tits! That’s good BTW.


Protrusions on womens' chests which have the power to attract mens' eyes
other terms for tits,
US: hooters, bazookas, gazongas, knockers
UK: fun bags, Bristols, jugs, baps, melons, knockers
FRANCE: Boules
SPAIN: Cocos, domingas, tetangas, papayas
JAPAN: Chi-chis
CZECH REPUBLIC: Mliekarne (refers to a shop that only sells milk)
RUSSIA: Grudis, siskis

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sandy a said...

i think that accidents will become more common as the road work progresses.....
Looking forward to the pics of the road work though!