Sunday, April 26, 2009

This pirate caught me a RAT!

Arrrgggg me Matey's. One scurring rat I did catch. This wench is prepared to NOT be boarded, so beware. I will be witholding me dabloons and me booty until ransom demands are met. Wenches RULE and so does my faithful companion de Scurvy Dog. Dis wench is on strike, and will continue to take control of er de blog, until demands have been met!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Wenches RULE!!!! That has a nice ring to it. What are the ransom demands by the way?

adriane said...

Ahhhh me matey. The ransom demands are private between me and de mister.
"The Wench"

Anonymous said...

Please release the barnacled one.
Tsk tsk, Wenches RULE ???
judging by all the recent comments there appears to be some wannabe amateur wenches that dare to blacken the long ago reputations of REAL wenches. Real wenches are most desirable women that are revered because their custom is to stand with their men in play, wanton luv, or war.

Anonymous said...

Wenches do indeed rule! They also control all the booty, just in case you pirates should forget...Wenches demands will be met, lest we forget about de plank??? FYI....This wench is no ameture...I have walked said plank, backwards and forwards!!! ARRRRRRRR
Keep yer heads up all ye wenches!!!
Pamela, Godess of the Abyss

Anonymous said...

Booty or bounty? Get your booty off the plank.
Thinking you're very confused. Sounds more like a gang of Amazon warrior women.

Anonymous said...

Well ye forced me to it. Be showin ya how to be a proper wench.
(insert name) my dear, tis there something with which I can lend you a hand? Let's get er done together cuz me has a nagging urge to kick up me heels, don't you hear the moon calling, let's be off and drink arrrr grog and rum till the sun comes up and we carry each other back to arrrr bunk.
So remember, Wench just wanna have fun ;-)
unshackle da barnacle

Anonymous said...

Goddess, Wench's may rule the booty but it is the PIRATE MASTER that rule's the wench. For without the Master? Wench's would have no mast in which to sail upon.
Cabin Boy. ;-))