Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just when things are at their worst,,,,,

Take a look at what’s been going on in the world lately. The economy is in the crapper, the Iraqi war, North Korea is about to launch a ballistic missile, fires, floods, rapes, murders, Mrs. Obama actually touched the queen of England (!), our gas prices went back up a dollar, lying scumbag developers are everywhere. It seems to never end. Just negative after negative.

Then, my doorbell honks.

I go out and find a man standing at the bottom of my steps.
He extends his hand for a shake and tells me his name is ‘Joe’. “I read your blog and it makes me laugh.”
Then he hands me a plastic bag, says “thanks”, and walks back to his car.
Inside the bag is 6 cold Belikins!
I could have sat down on the steps and cried, but I didn’t. Had to get them beers back in the fridge!
But that was one of the nicest things ever. A complete stranger handing me some cold beers.
Joe, I am glad I can supply some grins to your day, but believe me, you made my day!
Now,, I’m gonna go beat all the shit outa them 6 beers!!


Its the fifth element after water, fire, earth and wind... Nothing exists without it!
- Life sucks...
- Here have a beer!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside... way to go Barn

I read your blog everyday also, and it brings a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Where's my beer fairy?

Anonymous said...

Joes a developer...yer bein' bought off!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat's ass if Michelle touched Lizzy? I get updated on my email daily from people obsessed with that stuff, ugh!
Congrats on the fan club - you'd be surprised how many people you make laugh.
When we make it down that way we'll not only bring you 6 beers - we'll bring 6 more to drink with you! DKO

rabbitmoon said...

it's that "pay it forward" thingy....thanks, really!

Sue said...

You make me groan. You make me laugh. Today I just smiled. It's a gift, Barn. Thanks for sharing it.

Joe said...

Fiona, I got the beers for Barn after I left your office... I should be back down on Sunday and I'll take care of you then! You earned it :-)

sandy a said...

Pretty cool, Joe.

Barnacle said...

I'd offer to split mine with ya but,,, these ones had a particularly short shelf life!