Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm not easily impressed but,,,,,,,

Theres a new dive shop in town. Avadon divers.
They have been open since Jan 1st and we have been sending our guests out with them.
From the start, Anne-Marie has been a joy to deal with. Unlike some of the other tour operations, she always answers the phone, calls me back, follows thru on what she is suppose to, ect.
And the rest of the operation is a class act as well! Everyone we have sent out with them has had nothing but good to say.

Everything is brand new! Buildings, gear, compressors, even the boat!
And last night we were invited out on that boat for a sunset cruise!
Man-o-man, what a nice boat! 42 feet, dual cummings diesels with a combined 400+ horsepower, 400 gallon fuel capacity, on-board head and showers, all the bells AND whistles!

Rum punch was served (we brought our own beer,, duh), and a very nice sunset was observed by all.
I see nothing but good in their future!

Avadon Divers Belize

Check it out,, the first commercial advertisement has landed on the CocoNuts site!
Got stewed chicken juice on your shirt? Road dirt on your new tank-top? Did you soil your britches?
Give Mr. Dale a shout! At Bustin Suds Laundry.

I started taking scuba lessons when I learned that the Titanic went down with 500 cases of Bass Ale.

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