Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I ran outa Boob and Zombie photos,,, FOR NOW!

Dangriga day for us. Register the truck, pay land taxes, buy shit,, the usual.
On the drive there, we saw a couple large trucks that were with,, ready,,,,, A Circus!
YEE HAW!!! Looks like there may be another circus somewhere in the future. I hope it’s on the peninsula again as the last one was a hoot!
Also, the temporary bridge at Kendal, well it’s still temporary. Granted it looks a bit sturdier than the last time we crossed and it was just dirt, but still temporary I would say. Been a year now!
Maybe the idea was to create jobs? Cause now they have 2 ‘flagmen’ stationed at each side to stop traffic when a crude oil truck comes by. And by the way,, it looks like they flunked outa flagman school.
It turned into a cluster-fuck on the way back.

We learned a few things as well. The land tax folks have moved. They are now in the little ‘strip mall’ just south of Habets. Also income tax, and a couple official offices are there.
Taxes were the usual,, 5o$bz!!! Gonna be a long time paying off the road paving loan with that!
Stopped at Beef Masters on the way back. Bought 2 porterhouse steaks for 6$bz! Fuck! That’s a bargain! If they are any good is another question but I’ll give em a go.
Speaking of road paving,,, here are some shots Mrs. B. took in the last few days.

A bus passed us,,

Who sez there is a 38ft height limit peninsula wide? Not if you got money.

Condo Canyon:

A neighborhood made up mostly or entirely of high-rise residential buildings, so called because the buildings along both sides of a major street resemble the walls of a canyon.

"The North end of the peninsula used to be single-family houses; now, with all of the development, it's turned into Condo Canyon."


sandy a said...

where is that monstrosity being built?

Barnacle said...

zeebos,, of course! 2 more going up also.
maybe,,, scratch that,, probably more.

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Hey Barn,
We were in Independence yesterday and guess what???? They were setting up a Circus.... looks like the same one we saw in Belmopan last week.

sandy a said...

typical.......zeboz's I mean...not the circus. Glad my property isnt up near there.

Anonymous said...

That is by far and away the saddest development on the Peninsula. It really is "Texas Sized Gross". This guy Marco should be ashamed as he collects all that dough. LOL dumb comment by me.

Anonymous said...

is that on lagoon side? or could it be the casino on lot north of zeebots on beach side
think zeebot is less than a mile from MB cat