Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy cow,,,well,, maybe not!

OK,, everybody sit down,, relax, take a deep breath. Something big has happened. Something that only comes round bout as often as Scurvy gets laid. (never)
I made a mistake. There,, I said it.
Yesterday or whenever I mentioned that we bought 2 Porterhouse steaks from Beef Masters on the Southern for 6$bz. That’s 3$bz each! Then, if I recall, I said “Fuck, that’s a bargain!”

Well, I looked at the price sheet they had dropped off here a few weeks ago. They have PorterHouse steaks listed at 19.50$bz per pound! We slapped these on the weigh-er and they clocked in at a shade over 1 lbs.
So, it seems the guy just fucked up when he pulled the 6 bucks deal outa his ass.
AhHa,, that means I wasn’t wrong. He was! I only repeated what happened, he fucked up.
Wheeew, that was close! I'll make sure we slip him the 13 bucks we owe him next time.
Then we cooked them up last night for dinner.

First let me begin with the fact that I am not the greatest bbq chef known to modern man, especially with charcoal.

But these steaks left us with the usual opinion of Belizean beef. For 20 bucks they would be considered marginal, for 6 bucks, hell yea!
So once again I save my beef cravings for my yearly trip to Denver.
Here is the new rating system I’m gonna use for reviews.
Thumbs up, thumbs down and in between.

More family visiting us. This is Brittany, my cousin’s daughter and her brand spankin new husband Keni.

They were married Friday back in Denver.
They left here to play poker last night and I have not seen them since but I am betting big odds Brittany kept her shirt on! During the game,, afterwards, all bets off.

I know that, with a bouncer's assistance, man is capable of short-term flight.


RPM said...

Sounds like I need to FedEx you some prime ribeyes.

BUNKSTER said...

Have you looked at the cows at that place? They all look like they are one step away from starvation.