Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, that just makes me want a beer,,,! UPDATED!

Lots-o-work going on with the road. The ‘dirt’ crews were in S.B. while the ‘stake drivers’ are all the way up into the Breach! We should know something about our carport soon.
One thing I have noticed about this contractor as opposed to any of the others over the years is that this one has the courtesy to sprinkle the road where their equipment is stirring up all the dust. Not one other contractor/developer has done anything near that! Cisco is to be commended!

It is really going to be different not having the dust blow thru all day.

Can’t wait!
And It could not be happening at a better time. The peninsula is getting crowded and with that comes one hell-of-a lot of traffic!

Here’s that billboard.

I like Chinese food! Most Asian food for that matter. Great spices. While stationed in Japan, for 2 ½ years, and visiting ports in Asia for 4 years, I really developed a taste for it.
Dim Sum Yum Yum!
Heres a little cooking video that was sent to me that demonstrates some Chinese methods.

OK,,, now THAT was just gross! Frankie, did you make it through it all?


Mrs. Barn received a tip that there was actual tar being layed out on the new road. Well this would be a historical moment, so I sez “c’mon Scurvy, I’ll show you the new pavement.” Grab a camera, my faithful sideman and we head south. Lots of activity all along from GOD’s radio station to the site of the old Bamboo Room.
As far as tar being applied, well I saw minimum. If you were using a roller to paint a floor and you were going to ‘cut-in’ around the edges and corners, then you would use a brush.
That looked like what they were doing, cutting-in the edges. There was a strip about 8” wide being applied to the east side.
BUT, you could tell they were sweeping rocks and getting ready to get out that roller and get jiggy wit it!
Tomorrow maybe a better day to claim actual tar being applied.

Two weeks into the bender I found out “Drink Canada Dry” was a corporate slogan, not a challenge.


Anonymous said...

Well as of this afternoon, they had completed the section with one layer. I hear 3 will be laid.

Anonymous said...

Well TC, you have my curiosity up. Who are you? You can email me directly, and satisfy my insatiable need to know who's making these comments!!

Adriane, aka Mrs. Barn (no initials, just straight out forward ... you know who I am)

Anonymous said...

All I can think about is the wonder in the lack of red clay on the screens, the sheets, the floor and my lungs. Super great!


Bunkster said...

Be very happy Cisco got the contract, the road will last more than a year!! They paved the road from Burrell Boom to Isabella Bank. Cisco got half and another company got the other half. Cisco's portion looks like new, the other is broken up with potholes already.

sandy a said...

barn, please PLEASE post some pics of the road when it gets some tar on it. I just have to see it!

RPM said...

Watering the road serves 2 purposes. It cuts down on the dust and it also helps compact the dirt. This means your road will last a LOT longer.

I worked for a paving company in the 90's and it looks like they are doing a "seal coat". Aspahult (tar) covered with gravel. Not the best surface, but beats the heck outa dirt road. Unfortunately, I didn't see any base material, just dirt. Heavy loads will damage it pretty easy.

Luckily, you don't have any big heavy trucks running around... right?