Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Land 4 sale,, cheap!

The coconut telegraph has been abuzz lately. Lots of rumors flying round, some of questionable authenticity. Others are more verifiable. Here’s a couple that have been oozing round for awhile now but seem to have solidified.
Ara Macao: not gonna happen! This is not really breaking news as anyone who saw the folks involved could attest to their amateur status. After that ‘meeting’ held in Seine Bight, I could tell they didn’t have what it would take. And the way they treated the community just soured me on developers.
Not only them but the GOB as well. That whole thing was a joke and a slap in the face to the citizens!
Now, instead of a Disneyland type project, it is being advertised as “perfect for low density development”??? How do you go from 10,000 people to that??
I never thought it would happen, especially since they never moved even a spoonful of swamp over the years!

Next piece of good news,,

False Caye: not gonna happen! We won’t be looking out at the Caye and seeing condo’s and heliports anytime soon! What’s the first thing you need if you want to build with someone else’s money? Someone else’s money! Word is this project was stopped due to ‘no investors’.

Another developer who turned my stomach!
So all the trouble that has landed up in the states has some positive effect, at least on me. Bummer there won’t be 100’s of Guatemalans and Hondurans hired to build the places, but I truly believe the peninsula is better off without those 10,700 more people that could have invaded!
If either or both of those projects were to materialize, we were to consider leaving the area. Now we can scoot our bags a bit further from the door.

Another large condo project just to the south of us appears to have gone into standby mode as well.
All you see going on there is a little old guy, with a straw hat, picking at weeds. No ‘green’ six story buildings goin up! Maybe they need investors also?

Here’s another new project, Harvest Caye. For those who don’t know, this caye sits about the same distance from Placencia as False caye Does to Maya Beach. Just to the south about 1 mile.
Same thing as always, condo’s, airstrip, lots of house, shopping malls, blah blah blah. Also familiar now is the fact that Placencia was not notified of the EIA meeting to be held in Independence. Seems Placencia is once again ‘out of the zone of influence”! they are ‘in the zone’ if any positive things come their way, but out if there is any negative. No doubt in my mind they will be approved. Hopefully they will run into tight fisted investors as well.
Funny, the projects that were required to have an EIA now sit idle. The big ones who were not required to have an EIA are going gangbusters!
Albert’s crews are the busiest people around. Construction vehicles still dominate the road.
And speaking of the road, there’s a project that is moving along. The stretch from the curve where Fiona used to live, south to serenity is going to be one hellofa nice, wide straightaway! Three abreast races! A dumptruck, bus, and a cement truck! I am told they chose this section to do first as there is the least amount of residents there to complain about losing property. But what makes more sense to me is the fact that that area always floods out real bad. Either way, it is to be done by xmas! We’ll see.

Placencia seems to be getting crowded to me. Lots more people and cars down that way. Not to mention the trucks of course. They will face a serious traffic congestion problem very soon.
But all the GOB can think about is ways to get more people to come! It costs a lot to life here. Instead of looking for ways to keep up with the rising costs, I wish they could find a way to lower those costs instead. I don’t know the answers but I think there are better ways.

The meek shall inherit the Earth. Big deal. By the time they get it the rest of us will have fucked it all up.

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BZbound said...

Thats GREAT news abot Ara Macow and False Caye.....for us states side that are outta the loop, this is GREAT confimation.....