Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All hands on deck,,,

Missed another sunrise. Completely! Didn’t get up till Scurvy was buggin me, way past the good light!
And it wasn’t because I was up late celebrating the completion of the new deck either. Nope, only had a couple beers. As for the deck, it is for the most part done. They worked hard all day yesterday and around 1300 we found out I was about 3 boards shy of a full deck. Story of my life. But, an emergency wood run solved that and today the only thing left is the drunk-bumpers hand-rails. Then I get to sand and treat, but not before we ‘break ‘er in’ tonight! Scurvy loves it! He spends his nights on the deck where it’s safe, and last night we saw him spread waaay out! You could tell he was more comfortable. I’m happy!

Got an e-mail from my mom. She wants to send me a Wii(?). can someone tell me what thee hell is a Wii? And would I enjoy it? Can ya eat it? Beats me,,

The season has begun. Visitors are beginning to flock in. already had some flock out early as well. Had a bit of an issue with a few certain sand flies I was told. I thought I killed the very last one about a month ago. Maybe someone brought some in from a caye?

Town day. Maybe some gossip later?

A couple times a year I go on a “non-bender.”


Heidi said...

a wii is a video game, that is pretty interactive, and very hard to get in the states. my son says if you like video games, you'll love the Wii. They are really hard to get here. Glad the deck is finally getting done!

sandy a. said...

It's an interactive video game. Like, you stand up and jump around in front of the TV pretending you are doing the game (tennis, bowling, etc.) There's also a fishing game on it. it's a fun way to get some exercise!
post pics of the deck when it's done! They got that done pretty quick once they got started, huh?