Thursday, October 16, 2008

Set condition Zebra, Dog all hatches, rig for heavy weather,,

It’s only day one of what I see to be 4-5 days of rain and the cat is already going bonkers!
As I sit here and watch it rain, FuzzNutts is doing hot laps around the house. With scheduled stops to climb the screen door, swat at my leg, hit the water bowl, bounce off the chair and foot stool, do a burn-out around the bed, peel out across the bed, and launch out the door only to do it all again in 3 minutes!
Tropical depression #16 is just around the corner and slowly heading this way. Latest map from my favorite weather site has it moving just a touch further south than yesterday, but we are still gonna get a ass-load of rain. Just what we need. The Kendal bridge must already be out cause the traffic has been all but non-existant all day. It’s the Crystal water truck from ’griga I use as a gauge of bridge condition. Looks like to me the GOB has really dropped the ball on this bridge thing. Seems they should forget the loaner from the states, it don’t seem to be coming.
And there are no onions to be found,, anywhere! It's hard to live without onions.
Looks like none will be coming down the road anytime soon.

Remember the gossip I mentioned concerning a local VC chairman? Well I still have no ‘facts’, but I some double confirmed rumors. Long story short, looks like the chairman was taken to school by another con man! Things are still sketchy, but about 3 local business’s got taken advantage of in the process. Money missing, un-licensed firearms, and a big ‘ol helping of egg-in-the-face!
More if I hear details.

I found out that my ass still fits the barstool at Barefoot just fine. You can look for us there.
And if i owned one of these shirts, I could leave it home.

Cassie and Brice are by far thee best at keeping a fresh beer in front of me.
And add them to the growing list of open air bars that don’t allow dogs. Bummer for Scurvy.

New music in the juke box. Todays featured artist, Too Slim and the Tail Draggers. A popular group from the northwest.

“This is the point in the day where everything good goes to shit!”


Anonymous said...

Love the JukeBox. Used to go once a month to watch Joe Ely perform live at Liberty Lunch! Sometimes (only sometimes) I miss that scene. Laura

sandy A. said...

WTF is going on the the BF? It's a bunch of gobbledy-gook.

BUNKster said...

I just stoped by to ask the same question about BF?