Thursday, October 23, 2008

The mud and the blood and the beer,,,,,

I drove to the village yesterday. And yep, the road is bad. It has been worse but I don’t remember when. All the usual trouble spots. Huge lakes near Playa De pirates, the deep water crossing near serenity.
On the way home, I helped pull out 2 vehicles stuck in the mud. This is where it gets worse as it will be days before they can grade the road and in the meantime the mud bogs just get deeper and deeper. And with all the serious flooding going on elsewhere, we will have to wait I’m sure. And speaking of flooding, I am getting conflicting reports on the condition of the little bridge near the dump site. Now I am told it is NOT washed away, and never was. But the Kendal is still out,, I think.

Spent some time at the beach bar and picked up some gossip. 82% of it I am not authorized to spread!
The other 18% was not all that juicy to begin with. Had some laughs tho.
A shout out to the little dog who is recovering from an ass-whoopin. Stay outa trouble and eat yer kibbles!

“Drinking blows my brains out. It blows out all the crap in my head and allows new and better ideas to seep in.”

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