Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How much is that doggie in the window,,,,?

Rain, rain, and more rain. With even more on the way!
Our power went flakey for a few days and during that we lost our internet connection. Been without since last wenesday. But, things are improving now. I am not sure of the status of the 2 down bridges. The Kendal we can assume is down, but soon to be fixed. The other little one I have no updates on. This is the one near the dump site. It washed out as well leaving us even further cut off. With the very light traffic load going by, I will assume it is still down. Albert’s cement trucks are moving and I saw the Crystal truck yesterday. Anyone got any updates?

Only one bit of interestingness taking place was last Thursday.
Queue up ‘Long Snake Moan’ in the juke box for this post!
Frankie, you might as well just leave the room for a bit.

“I found the snake.”
“What? I can’t hear you over the rain.”
“Cool, where is it?”
“In the trunk of the VW under my house.”
“Be right there.”
There has been an APB out on a very large Boa in the Breach for a few weeks now. Numerous sightings of him in the area around Mango’s. I told folks if they find it to call me, I would like to capture and relocate him.

Mrs. Barn and I show up and peek into the trunk. Yep, it’s a BIG ONE!
You could barely put both hands around its body, and it had lumps like it had just eaten. The neighbor knew there were kittens living in the trunk and went to check them out. When she opened the trunk there were no kittens, just a big, fat snake.
I have a glove and I grab it, but it makes a break for the glove compartment hole and escapes into the car. Now, I’m in the front seat of a VW bug with what turns out to be a 7ft, pissed off snake!(Mind you I am getting plenty of advice about now) He/she gets wrapped up under the driver’s seat and I can’t get it out. I got its head and am tugging and trying to ‘guide’ it out but it ain’t budging. Someone suggested spraying it with bug spray. Now don’t laugh; we thought it might make the thing come out from under the seat so I could get another grip on it. And the only other choice was oven cleaner? I give it a face full of Baygone, and,, did I say it was pissed off earlier? Well now it is hissing and lunging at me while we are both in the front of the VW. This goes on for awhile before we decide to let it calm down, chill out, and maybe it will go back to the trunk where it will be easier to capture. We sealed up any holes out of the bug and left, planning to come back tomorrow.

So while we were at home, Carl from Wallens showed up and he managed to wrestle the beast from under the seat. He measured it at 7ft, and while doing so, it barfed up a cat. We know from past experience that anything a snake urps up,, STINKS! He is going to re-locate it near the Jaguar reserve. (The snake, not the urp)
So, some cats can rest a bit easier now. Trouble is, if it was a female, there are no doubt a whole slew of puppies somewhere.
Lessons learned: Never spray bug spray in the face of a large, pissed off snake while you both are in the front seat of a VW bug!

If anybody is wondering, yes, it’s still raining. I will be sponsoring a fishing tournament on the property in the next couple days. And the cat is still bouncing off the walls. Scurvy is getting some mold growing as well. I saw some seaweed on him as he swam by? At least I think it was Scurvy?

Oh yea, I almost forgot. Maybe I shouldn’t even mention it but hey, you know me. I can’t turn this down.
Reading the news this morning, Ch. 7, there is a story about a guy in BZ city who was caught ‘red-handed’ having sex with a dog! Yep, got a photo of him and everything. It was not his first time either. He goes on to explain that the dog jumped the fence into his yard, and when it began wagging its tail, well he just couldn’t resist. I am not yankin ya here,, go look. I have seen this once before and that time they not only had a photo of the guy, and gave his name, but also named the dog!!!! Poor dog. Had to try to live that down out there in the alleys. At least this time they spared the dog all the humility.

”No wonder you were sick—look at all the puke you swallowed!”


Heidi said...

Ah life in Belize. Thank goodness you got out of the VW! Hope the rain stops soon.

sandy A. said...

COuldnt' find the article on Channel 7....but still...eeeeewwwwww!!!