Monday, October 27, 2008

Free bird?

It is nice and cool right now! Just great for snoozin. Hard to pry my happy ass outa bed. But, a certain cat I know starts demanding attention around 0600 and it builds in intensity till I either deal with it or bleed!
Dang it,, Venancio was to begin work today but it just started raining. We'll see.

So,, I have been having some trouble with the photo uploader tool I use. No matter what size button I click, the photo would load at the largest possible size. After trying a few other choices, lets see how this works.

We still have our humming bird feeder outside on the deck and lately it has seen some action beyond the humming birds! This 'black backed oreiol' has decided he has a sweet tooth, beak. He does a pretty fair job at a hummer imitation getting his fix.

I grabbed this shot off the hip one day vowing to set up a light and get a better one soon. Yesterday afternoon I did set up 2 lites and waited for him. He never showed, so I shot more hummers. These are beginning to become my signature photo! But it's still fun and easy.

No, Cat, I have not tried the flower suggestion,, yet. One day tho. I almost got what I was after but I cut off one wing! CRAP,, musta been the Belikins effecting my trigger finger?

And check out this 'toe grabber' Mrs Barn shot!

Be quiet, Brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip

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Anonymous said...

nice photos of the birds!