Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boom boom,, out go the lights,,,,,

What goes better with a rain storm than a blackout? Power still goes out just about every day. Seems every time there is thunder, lightning, rain, or if it gets cloudy,, BLINK,, out go the lights. Every night now we have gotten into the habit of unplugging all the new appliances we have bought recently before we hit the sack.
And today, they declare a planned outage. Maybe they can actually do some good. Probably not tho, most likely just going to add some new condo to the poles.

Went to town yesterday. You see a double row of stakes along the road in some places. Anyone have any idea what the outside stakes are all about?

I am still not patient enough to do much photo processing so my photos from the last road trip will have to wait.The new memory will arrive on the 29th,, WHOO HOO!!
Here is one shot with Mrs. Barn's camera during the outage, and one of our neighbor i suffered through with the post processing, plus a couple from from her flickr site.

I was kept awake last night by the sound of my liver crying.


Bunkster said...

From how they did it on the Southern. Inside stakes are the actual edge of the road. Outside stakes are the edge of where they clear to make drains etc.

sandy A. said...

I like the "heart" light thingy in the photo of you & the Mrs. How romantical!