Thursday, August 28, 2008

What thee hell was that sound,,,,?

Today is town day. Gotta go get some feet for Scurvy and some hash for Fuzz.
Fuzz,, we think he is going blind. Seriously.

Possibly when that snake had him as a kitten, maybe it did something, poked his eye or something. But he bumps and runs smack into stuff a lot. Poor little fella.
(Mrs. Barn's photo)

Lola is coming thru! Spoke with her and yep, she has some ‘models’ lined up for me.
So that should happen soon.

Terrible freaky sounds came out of me a few nights ago. (no, not what your thinking, perv!). I was storing my light gear away and I dropped the SB-800 (Nikon flash). One of those deals where I juggled it for 10 seconds before it got away from me.
It bounced off the chair and hit the floor. The battery door came off, batteries went scattering, other little parts were flying as well. About now was when the terrible, freaky sound gushed out from the pit of my bowels! Them things cost $300 smackers!
I gathered up all the pieces and re-assembled it. Test fired. So far, so good! Whew!!

Anyway, with this town trip I should be able to bring back some gossip. Or make some up. Either way.

I fell off the wagon and it backed up and ran me over a couple times.


Sandy A. said...

Is it possible that Fuzz could be getting cataracts? How old is he?
I like the fly pic--what detail!

Anonymous said...

I thought Scurvy had a bet of some sorts and da feet were his prize? When will he collect for that? That'll keep em in da feet for a couple days.

Poor Fuz. But you know, if you keep taking pictures of him, maybe it's just "FLASH" blindness. Happens to me all the time. They take a picture and I can't find my beer.