Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do I have to Fly to Trinadad to stick a Dart into a Corn Dog?

Well let’s see. Went to town yesterday and what did we hear and see? I’ll tell you what we didn’t see. Any road work equipment that’s fer sure! Siene Bight has progressed from the lowly Palmetto stick speed bump that was popular right after the pavement scrapping, they are now using 4x4 boards and bowling ball sized rocks! I would love to camp out right by the 4x4’s and watch when Ricky Racer comes flying by. Talk about your Kodak moments! There are some shitty VERY disrespectful drivers out there. But, we all knew that already.

Remember the Corn Dog King? And his paperwork issues? Well, we heard he took the Hokie-Pokie to Independence so immigration could fix his passport. Once he got to Immigration, he found out he forgot his passport!!! DOH! Gonna be a long season for the Corn Dog Man.

I wish the dart team representing Belize in the international competition and Placencia’s own Malu do well, but I just cannot get excited over darts. Sorry. Good luck to you all tho. Here’s the LINK to follow their standing in the tournament.
I was in a bar in Subic City Philippines around ’77 that had darts. You would throw darts at the lizards catching bugs on the wall behind the bartender. Each stuck lizard got a free beer. My kind of dart game.

I was discussing Doctor flies with a reader a few days ago and I told him how I can catch them, alive, and put a leash on them. Catch one alive, hold it by it's little wings, then I yank out a long hair from my noggin and tie it around his little neck. ‘Viola,, fly-on-a-string! I don’t think he believed me, even when I told him about me and Dale catching many and tying them to his clothes line in his house.
When your done you just tighten the knot till his head pops off.
Here’s proof,, sorta. It’s not a Dr. Fly, but you get the idea.
Maybe I have too much time on my hands?

I suspect that water, taken in small quantities, isn’t all that dangerous.

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Sandy A. said...

Hey Barn, We used to do that with big flies as kids--tie one to a hair and watch it fly around.
You can do it with a june bug on a string too!