Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Hour from 60 to 80 feet,,,,

So, I loads up the truck with 4 MT beer crates for refill and we drive to the village.
We have more guests coming and they sound like they will be thirsty.
News had it that there was a barge full of beer steaming this way. Presumably from Dangriga but maybe BZ city.
Get to the counter to pay for everything and place the order for beer,,”sorry, no beer.”
Bummer. I bump into Harold and ask him what happened to the barge. He tells me about the pallets he ordered. 'X' amount of beer, 'X' amount of stout, 'X' amount of litehouse,, and that half of the order FELL OFF THE BARGE!!! I’m not shittin ya,, fell off!
First thing I think is about the ‘wash-up’. Then I think, beer cases won’t float. CRAP!
So someone needs to suit up and go diving. Somewhere to the east of me is a few pallets of beer, just sitting there in the sand. Maybe some lobsters are hanging around it waiting for a party.
I suppose there's always the possibility that the barge made a, eh hm, wrong turn and ended up at some caye that a cousin of someone was waiting?

Lola's quest for historic accuracy is still going. 6 more days to settle this thing.
And just for the record, it was not me who voted that Eve was hot and I would do 'er!
I've always heard she had constant headaches.

And for those of you who don't dive for beer, try this.

"Spock, the women on your planet are logical. No other planet in the galaxy can make that claim."

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Sandy A. said...

"Fell off the barge".....hhhmmmmm....likely story....
BTW Spock is my hero! Live long and prosper!!!