Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring is in the air, and in the catbox,,,

Ah weddings. When two people decide to ruin a perfectly good thing, and add paperwork to it. We have had three weddings here, four if you count the one on our boat.
And now it seems there are two more planed for the upcoming months.
These folks are good friends of ours. They didn't exactly get married during their stay here, they just practiced the honeymoon ritual so as to have it nailed down when the time came.

These next two were weddings. One with a real official preacher, (Jerry Jones), and the other was just a fake. They did all the paperwork back home to make it official.

At least beach weddings involve casual dress codes and beers in hand!

And the good thing about weddings, there is always a party afterwards!

Speaking of party's, seems the Nutty Professor is in town. Yep, she can liven up a normally dull afternoon. Haven't had a sighting of her yet but I hear she will be lurking the hood for some time.

And since we're on the subject of Nutty, look who's in the catbox.
Poor FuzzNutts, he was spending ALOT of time in his catbox.
He has the largest friggin catbox known to man right outside the door, but he prefers this one? Hey, whatever Fuzz wants,, Fuzz gets, right? Seemed like he was plugged up, needed someone to squeeze him. He was spending up to 20 minutes in there, just like that, same expression and all. Poor little guy, he had to go!
So we hauled him to the vet. He is now on anti-biotics for a possible whizz infection. The vet didn't say I couldn't drink while he is taking them.

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Sandy A. said...

I love weddings!! *sniff* *sigh*
About Fuzznuts--try to make sure the moisture content of his food is the highest you can get. I know you probably don't have a big choice there, but that is really important because male cats have a tendency to contract hose types of infections. Poor kitty!