Thursday, May 15, 2008


It seems to happen in waves, and at random times. Or I just don't pay attention to the time frame, but it's burglary season again!
Is it because there is less tourists? I don't think so. The pricks doing the burglary's are not normally dependent on tourist dollars like tour guides and such.
Could it be all the construction going on?
Could it be just lazy, worthless, good for nothing thieves taking advantage?
I think, it is both #2 and #3.
We never caught the motherfu, bastard(s) responsible for the last round of break-ins we had in Maya Beach so we don't know if they just left, or did all our security improvements drive them away?
All we know is they stopped and were not caught.
I feel deep down, that in those bus loads of Guatemalan labor force heading to the numorus construction sites, there are more than a few sneak thieves on board.
And i look at some of the un-employed layabouts with suspicion as well.
Either way, a neighbor stopped by yesterday to report another break in and tell of an attempted one as well.
I raised the threat level here from Amber, to Yellow! Placing my lazy, worthless, top-notch security team on hi sensitivity.

So if any Mental Breacher's are reading this, heads up. Seems like they are back!
(photo of the 'chief of security' by Adriane)

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anotherbeachblonde said...

I have loved reading your moderation of the forum and your wonderful blog is a true treasure for anyone who loves to read about Belize. Your sense of adventure and humor have helped me to enjoy "the neighborhood" my family and I are moving to June 15th!