Monday, April 28, 2008

a little background,,

this life change began in 1997 when we bought our little slice of Maya Beach. we "loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverly" in 1998.
opened our little gig, Barnacle Bill's 9 months later.
since then it has been one wild story after another!
Maya beach seems to attract, well, used to anyway, some very interesting people. it was a very color full group of what some might call misfits. some moved on, some with less than they arrived with, others much better off. after 10 years there is only a handful of us that were here in '98.
i don't even know allot of the new folks who have moved in.
we had no power, phone lines, water, or cable for years. first came power. (whoo hoo)
then we got fixed cell phones. next we received cable t.v. now we have pipe water! and wireless internet!
there has only been 2 new business's since then. the 'Maya point market', and the restaurant up above it,, currently called the 'frisky frog'.
hummingbird rattan is building a furniture shop but it has taken years to get this far! must be waiting on more hi-end customers?

back in '04 i began to write some of the local happenings here in Mental Breach. it started here.
once that ended, i wrote 2 others on a different forum that met with some applause.
who can forget Digby, Waffle and the hookers Velveeta and Chlorine?
the hero's who saved Mental Breach from the evil developers? good stuff that was!
but,, things change and those sites went bye bye.
so after a long 'off season' it's time to revive the Coconuts idea.
as they say,, hold on ta yer butts!

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