Monday, April 28, 2008

"Where'd ya get them crabs?"

local tavern

As we have to commute to Dangriga fairly often for various reasons, we try to make it a fun road trip. As fun as a road trip to Dangriga can be.
A few years back we needed to go, register the truck or some shit. After chores we always used to stop at the riverside café for stewed chicken and beers.
It was me Mrs. Barn, and a Canadian bear hunter named Gary-funa.
That’s not shit, he guides bear hunters during the season and comes to belize to fish in his off season. We began calling him Garyfuna after he was awarded the title of “Punta King”, but that’s another story altogether.
As we be-bopped down the southern hyway, we were always intrigued by the sign near the Hopkins turn off for a local tavern.
What the hell, we need another round of barley-pops so we pull in.
Mrs. Barn was somewhat reluctant but she was persuaded.
We enter the fine cinderblock establishment where a quick glance around revealed nothing but concrete and plastic. The floor, walls, and the little dance stage were all plain ‘ol concrete. In the corner was the little window with bars on it. Behind the bars was the guy selling beer. No one in the place, just us. The guy hands our beers thru the bars and we take a seat at one of the plastic tables.
We look at each other and Garyfuna gets up and goes back to the window.
“wheres the girls? I thought you had dancers?”
“imagration took ‘em, maybe this weekend.”
Sigh,, we knock back the beers, gather up a few for the road and exit that fine establishment somewhat disappointed. Out in the lot Mrs. Barn asks what the little buildings are out back. those are the ‘by the hour’ rooms.
It is now just another busted business in Belize.
I’m glad I got a shot of the sign!


Galena Alyson Canada said...

Ah, the old Lagwax -- only in Belize could a sawmill morph into a nightclub, run for a couple years, and then get reclaimed by the bush.

R.I.P. Lagwax


Galena Alyson Canada said...

BTW, I'd suggest turning off "word verfiication" until you see if you really need it. It is an annoying inhibition to people leaving comments. I have only received maybe a couple spams a year on my blogs, and I just delete them...