Monday, December 22, 2014

DING DING, DING DING, Santa, Arriving,,,

The fat bastard finally showed his ass round here last night!
Santa came by just about whiskey:30 and dropped off some goodies.
We were trying our hand with a shipping company after we had such a miserable time trying to get a TV that would pick up the HD channels offered by the cable company. We went round and round with the stores here and got nowhere. It really was a somewhat funny story.
Anyway, someone suggested we buy one online, have it sent to the shipping company in L.A. to be put on a ship bound for here. Then when our shit arrives, they clear it thru customs and deliver right to our door.
Sounds great,, right?
Well,, our shit arrived in L.A. on time but I could not get anyone to confirm it. No one would return e-mails, and a phone call got me nowhere also. I began to get a bit nervous when I got the same response from their Belize office! Oh shit,,, money down the shitter.
But the truck showed up last night and almost had my entire order. They were missing the stuff I included for Mango’s, but all my shit came in.
So sorry Mango’s, looks like next week for you. Maybe you have been naughty?
Anyway, back to the TV.
We found a real nice Samsung smart TV with all the cool shit, 32 inch, that we could not find here, nor would they order one.
So fuck em, we went to our old pal’s Amazon. Badda boom, Badda bing.
Also included in the order were two of these cast iron skillets.

I know I know, you are thinking what the fuck does he need more of these things for?
These 2 bring me to 6 skillets, one dutch oven, 2 griddles, one grill plate, 2 lids.
These two new ones are somewhat of a specialty item. Won’t get used much, but I had to have them.

They will make perfect eggs for egg’Mcmuffins!
And they’re just too cute.

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