Saturday, April 20, 2013

And Barnacle said "Let there be light!" And behold, there was some phuckin light!

My light locker is filling up.
Received a new strobe yesterday, the Nikon SB 700.
Don’t ask me about Nikon’s product designation numbers, they make no sense to me.
Years ago their top-o-the-line unit was called an SB24. Then I think there was an SB 25(not sure), then the Sb26 I bought back in ’94 or so.
Then they skipped a bunch and announced the SB 80 and then an SB 80dx.
Then they jumped again to the SB800. Then they launched the SB600.
Then they replaced the SB 800 with the SB 900. And then they tweeked the 900 and called it a 910.
Now they replaced the 600 with a 700.
The 900 and 910 are way more than I need feature wise and cost about twice the 700!
So welcome SB 700!
It will be replacing the SB26 in the batting line up but will still be utilized as a background light ect.
Boring? Not to me!

Me fail English? That’s unpossible.

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