Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Don't look down!

A few months back I believe I mentioned about this little adapter that fits onto the end of an extending paint-pole, the ones you use to reach high places.
Someone figured out that this could be quite handy for photogs to place their lights easily. Especially if you use a V.A.L. (voice activated litestand). Just slap a strobe to the pole and ask the VAL to point it where you want it.
But alas, I am not privy to any VAL’s, rarely if ever. But, you know what, why not put the camera on the pole instead of a lite!
This thing extends to I bet 20 feet, but can be pretty wobbly up there.
I bungied the pole to the handrail, slapped the 10.5 fisheye on the camera and ran it up the pole.
Triggered with the Yongnuo triggers I love so much and got this shot.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya’ll.

Also, look at the year end numbers of you who have followed this blog!
316,509 of you!

Here is a screen shot of where you are from, sorta.

I thought I wanted a career.
Turns out I just wanted paychecks.


RPM said...

Just think what you could have done with baling wire and duct tape!

Happy New Years!

Gra'ma Banana said...

Livin' life vicariously through your photos and your blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR. And keep shootin' (photos, that is).