Friday, January 11, 2013

Curly cords and Phlegm,,

Getting my flash off camera has been something I have been doing for awhile now, trying to learn all I can. Physically doing this is a snap, syncing the flash and camera together is another wad of phlegm.
There are a few different ways to do it, tethered with a cord, wireless with radio triggers, or Nikon’s advanced lighting system built into many newer cameras.
Years ago I bought a SC 17 cord. It got me started doing this with my old Nikon N90 film camera.
Expensive tho, around 50 bucks if I remember right.
The cord is realy just and extension cord with all the hotshoe contacts allowing for TTL metering of flash output. Automatic flash exposure.
But it is only about 5 ft long stretched out so kinda not so handy. It has sat idle for many years because of that.
Then a few years back I bought a couple 25 ft ‘dummy’ cords. Dummy meaning they would only fire the flash and not pass any exposure info to the camera and back, making all exposure setting to be done in manual. No sweat, I did this for years and had not much to bitch about.
Then I bought my radio triggers. They do the same thing as the dummy cords, just without the cord.
Again I am completely happy with these. But,,,
My new camera has Nikon’s Advanced Lighting System built in.
It is a wireless TTL system which is pretty cool. But there is another but.
Flash and camera have to see each other. You have to make sure the little window that sees the on camera flash is pointed the right direction. Not a big hassle but a small one, and I really want to take advantage of off camera TTL! Dammit!.
Yesterday I stumbled across this.
A 33ft TTL curly cord!

33ft is most likely more than I will need.
It has all the nessacary contacts for complete TTL, and will even support hi speed sync!
Best part,, only 20$ with free shipping from China.
Wireless TTL radio triggers are available and are the cat's ass but,, they are priced way above my pay grade. 20 smackolas is more my style.
My first trip into ebay world and it is being shipped here to Belize, so I should not get too excited just yet. But I am!
Wouldn’t you get excited about a 20$ 33ft TTL cord? Hell yea!

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dabunk said...

We used to order lots of stuff and have it shipped direct to Belize but I used to email the sellers first and make sure to ask them.