Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The election is over, everyone calm down! UPDATED WITH PHOTO.

The election is over. Obama beat out the other guy by a huge margin.
Maybe now conversations can get back to the normal shit they should be. Important shit like beer delivery schedules and such.
This last year  has been very enlightening, to hear the way some folks feel.
Especially on the net. I frequent a few blogs, admin a couple,  and facebook. It is crazy to hear some people, I'll call them fanatics, talk about how Obama is the antichrist, a communist, a muslin, born in kenya, the absolute worst president in the history of forever!
And yet he spanked Mitt last night.
The absolute worst president ever, and the repubs had no one who could beat  him?
This morning I see some of those same fanatics talking about how this is the darkest day in America's history.
Today,, the darkest day.
America has seen some pretty dark days, 9-11 comes to mind, but no,, today is worse!
Anyway, to me the worst part of this whole thing is the amount of money spent on it, only to end up right where we were. no change.
Don't get  me wrong, I am all for Obama running the show, but billions had to be spent to get it done.
I would like to see something change in the way it is handled. I don't know what,  but all that money could be put to a better use somewhere else,, I think.
So all you repubs just relax,it's not the end of the world.  That is December 21st.

And how much worse can it get by then?
Here, this should make some of you feel allot better.


Todd said...

Really? This coward lies, and leaves Americans to die in Libya and your still for him?

Anonymous said...

It's really fun living in Texas and being an Obama supporter and atheist. Some people are totally losing it, making fools of themselves in print. Fark 'em......they'll live through it, just like I lived through two terms of George Dumbya Bush and his father before him. Ignorant dolts! No wonder you moved to the tropics so you can laugh at us!

Jim said...

I will tell you how much worse it could be. We could make him King, he already thinks he is.

Emily said...

I love this post, Barnacle. Thanks so much for expressing what a lot of us have been thinking. You da man!