Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chief Master at Arms has a Sidekick.

It’s been awhile since a new post. No good reason other than nutin been going on, really.
Got the new system set up, sorta. It always takes a couple weeks or more before we get real comfy with it. Waiting on a phone call right now to help straighten out our online backup account, that I may have screwed up trying to switch it to this new system,, DOH!
But the biggest news round here is that it appears Scurvy has a side-kick.
The little pup from the store came for a visit one day and never left!
We took her home about 5 times, and Reina came and got her a few more, but each time she would find her way back here.
OK, granted, after a while we got attached to her and did not make too big of attempts to shoo her away. She is a very sweet little dog!
And finally Reina came right out and said she is our dog now.
So let me introduce you to TWEENER.

Or, Ophelia, we are not sure. Either way she is a keeper!

Since the wives are downtown feeding dinners to the homeless, shouldn't we be at the nudie bar feeding dollars to the topless? 


Rick said...

That's a cute dog, Barn. Really nice eyes ... you can always tell a good dog by the eyes.

Gra'ma Banana said...

She has a really big smile too!!!

Anonymous said...

Good goin' Scurvy!

Anonymous said...

What is ins for the cars cost now? Need to know from you who live there. Love the blog.An old seadog. That was also in the P.I.S.B. over the Shit River we