Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Belize, let's get some beers.

It’s Sept 21st, Belize’s independence day!
Whooo hooo, another reason to drink beer I say!
Most holidays around here consist of the same two things, a beauty pagent for either kids, old ladies or both.
And a parade.
With lots of loud music and beer drinking to go with them.
The parade idea has me showing my age again. A few times I would pack up a camera and head out thinking I could find some photo opps, only to realize it is waaaaay too hot to be slowly dragging down the street. If you go with the parade the scene never changes.
Oh,, and these parades seem to be chock full of kids.
I always get a chuckle when they announce the parade route.
Hmmm,, I wonder if it will be on the road going thru the village this time?
See, I’m just an old, grouchy fuck nowadays.

Scurvy wanted so much to get this rat out to play with. We caught 2 in a week. One we let go at an undisclosed location, the other is snake poop.

Speaking of poop, I got after some baking the other day while Mrs. Barn was bowling.
These are donuts with a maple frosting and bacon sprinkled on top.
A.K.A. the ‘Elvis’.

The ‘glaze’ should have been thicker but wholly shit they were good!
The recipe even calls for bacon grease right in the donut dough mixture!

And in the photo contest world, here is my submission for ‘Shadows’.
The house geckos are getting outa control around here.

The only downside of drinking in a bar day-in and day-out is you have to put up with a lot of worthless drunks.

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