Thursday, August 16, 2012

A bad romance novel, or just beach trash?

Whelp, evening has ascended and it’s just me and the dog. Mrs. Barn has gone off to play bingo.
She best bring back the cash!! So this gave me a chance to finalize my photo contest entry. I struggled with this for days, could not really come up with shit.
Then when this idea came out, I decided to just run with it till I was happy. Still not all that happy, but I only got till Sunday and all the sudden shit is beginning to pile up.

So there was both good and bad involved with making this photo.
The good was twofold.
I got to play with my camera stuff, and I got to drink Mrs. Barn’s whiskey when it was over.
The bad came when I had to light that ciggybutt.
Fuck, I tasted that for hours!
(click photo to imbiggen)

 I am sure all of you have seen these gizmos before. I just saw one about a year ago and decided it would be the hot ticket for me to pick up beach plastic.
And I was right. My back doesn’t hurt, I get it done it a quarter of the time, and I do it more often now. You got a beach? I recommend you get one of these.

A real woman could stop me from drinking. A really big women.

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Guess who said...

Who said you could drink my whiskey? You better watch out. I'm a really big woman!