Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm much too young to feel this old,,,

Well, here we are in June again.
And June means it's LobsterFest time here on the peninsula.
LobsterFest was started in '98 as a fund raising event to raise money for a full time tourism centre and staff. It was such a success it has remained, every year since, the largest event on Placencia's calendar. We have attended everyone of these events, till now.
 This will be the first one we will miss. And I suppose that ties in somewhat with my last post, The times are a changing.
I am sure you have heard that old comment, probably made by a younger person, "If the music is too loud, you're too old". I guess there ya have it.
We just don't see the fun in going to an event like this any-more. It's the same thing each year. The only thing that changes is us, we get one year older.
 It's too hot, too crowded, and too loud.
I always go with plans of getting some good people shots, but I end up hanging round the beer tent all afternoon. And we always seem to drop about 100 bucks or more. And I don't even like lobster!
So every year for the past few, we have said we would not go next year. But this year seems to be the first one we will miss. Any bets as to weather we go next year?

 And speaking of being too old. We are making some changes in our 'lifestyle'. We feel we already eat fairly healthy, other than eating too much, and we know we should not be drinking as much as we have been.
So we are cutting back on the booze and getting up from the dinner table sooner.
Mrs. Barn is even taking some advice and switching from rum to whiskey! (whiskey is suppose to be better for you, and I just very well may join her, maybe.
That bottle of Jack cost as much as a case and a half of beer!!

  Alcohol is necessary for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself, undisturbed by the facts. .


Anonymous said...

You mean Jack is about BZ$70 a bottle!!!???

catdance62 said...

Next thing ya know you'll both be joining up with one of Tony's "Challenges" and doing Crossfit with PHil! (and me when I am there!)