Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Now we will need a doughnut shop,,,

I tell ya,,, Mental Breach is changing faster than I can keep up with.
I thought it was big news way back when we got Mango’s, a real bar fun to hang out in.
Then we got the little grocery store, an art gallery, and then the bowling alley!
Next up came the new grocery store, motorized bycycles, powdercoating shop, used car lot, rattan furniture store (never really caught on,, well,, did catch on fire.)
And now comes a big one,, ready? Better sit down for this one.
The original store, last run by Kenny and Su, will by this time next week be a fully functional POLICE STATION!
Yea,,I just heard this today too.
And me being the big mouth I am was asked to spread the word and try to get some donations.
They will need stuff like some chairs, office equipment, and a couple beds. Cash works well too.
So if anyone wants to help us out, contact me and I will steer you in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Thought the Police Department was part of the Belize government.

What's with donations? Don't we pay enough in taxes to support our government agencies? Oops, forgot we are in Belize where most tax money goes in other places like politician's pockets.

RPM said...

I think that's a very good move. WTG Maya Beach!